Windows 8 Pro Is Still Only $15 If You Don't Mind Being a Liar (Update: Not Any More)

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Technically, Thursday was the last day to pick up a Windows 8 upgrade for $40 before it jumped up to $200, but that's not exactly the case if you know what you're doing. There's a loophole that will let you get that upgrade for a scant $15, and all you have to do is lie to Microsoft; they're not even checking.


Microsoft has been offering a $15 Windows 8 upgrade to late Windows 7 adopters for a while. It goes like this: if you just bought Windows 7 or a PC with Windows 7 on it (after June 2012), you'll get 8 at a steep discount. Thing is, as The Next Web investigated, Microsoft doesn't check to see if you're lying. And now, even though Windows 8 is a cool $200 now, Microsoft still isn't checking.

There's a chance Microsoft might get on this little loophole now that the "discount" is significantly higher, but they never fixed it before, despite being notified of its existence. Maybe it's just an attempt to squeeze a little cash out of would-be pirates. Maybe. In any case, the time on this deal is also limited; you're only eligible for the discount (liar or not) until February 28th, so if you want to get in on it, get in on it now. There's no telling how long the mistake(?) could last. [The Next Web]

Update: And it's fixed.



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